daVinci Offers Currency Conversion, Extends Reach Internationally

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daVinci Payments Solutions has begun offering currency conversion as an element of the virtual prepaid account product.  With the implementation of its currency conversion feature in 2010, daVinci’s comprehensive online programs now work seamlessly with multiple currencies.

When recipients access a virtual account or redeem a promotional code through daVinci’s online platform, they now have the option to view the reward value in their currency of choice.  Behind the scenes, daVinci taps into a real-time index of exchange rates in more than 50 different currencies.  Recipients visiting the online redemption sites can even view the site in their preferred language with the click of a flag icon.

daVinci is pleased to assist clients in treating their employees, partners and customers to a positive user experience.  When recipients of virtual accounts and promotional codes can view the purchasing power of their reward in the currency and language with which they are most familiar, the spending experience is enhanced.

daVinci’s international reach is ideal for clients attempting to motivate partners and employees across borders.  Instead of maintaining programs through various issuers in multiple countries, daVinci clients can now extend a user-friendly experience globally through one simple partnership.