daVinci Promocodes Allow Flexibility, Creativity In Prepaid Program Design.

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daVinci announced the next step in prepaid solutions with the introduction of its promocode technology in 2010.

“Promocodes provide that wonderful feeling of instant gratification,” explains Lily Ramirez, Director of Sales.  The promocode gives daVinci clients the ability to reward customers, participants or employees immediately following a desired behavior, encouraging repeat performance.

Distribution methods of the promocodes are endless.  Among other methods, a code can be distributed face-to-face, inside a box of packaged goods, or sent via e-mail or text SMS by daVinci.  Recipients redeem codes in exchange for rewards through daVinci’s user-friendly Promocode Redemption Center, which can be customized to incorporate a client’s branding, security needs and business goals.  Recipients can elect either a virtual prepaid account, immediately available for use, or a physical card to be sent via mail.

According to Ramirez, promocodes offer the highest level of flexibility possible in the prepaid market and are ideal for all program types, from sweepstakes to employee rewards.  Clients can create excitement for recipients by awarding a variable dollar amount via API or batch.  Or, clients can cultivate loyalty by placing restrictions on card use. 

As technology continuously reveals new solutions to drive businesses forward, daVinci keeps stride with the release of new and exciting products.