We issue USD prepaid funds domestically and globally in more than 160 countries, as well as offer nine additional currencies and counting. All of daVinci Payments’ programs are in compliance with current regulations in each issuing region. Supported by our Bank Issuers, we have a deep understanding of international laws and customs. We follow industry best practices around the world, and work to keep pace with any changes that may affect our cards or services.

In addition to legal and regulatory compliance, daVinci Payments ensures that your programs adhere to Visa® and Mastercard® marketing guidelines. We work with your marketing teams to design compliant, cardholder-friendly collateral and review all material to ensure that the program approval process is seamless and quick.

Be assured that as card regulations, network requirements and other laws continue to change, daVinci Payments will be on the forefront, ensuring that we adhere to our high standards of both legal compliance and program performance.