3 Steps To Make Your daVinci Transition Blossom With Success

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At daVinci, we’ve witnessed the delicious transition of the winter’s sodden gray snows and frozen brown earth into... more snow, some icy rain, some weak sunlight. Ah, Chicago weather! It’s officially springtime and we’re still scraping ice off our cars.

But that’s typical. Because not all transitions go smoothly—not winter into spring, and not one prepaid program into another. 

We know change can be tough. But no matter where you’re at on the transition spectrum, with daVinci, you’re never trekking into the unknown. Whether you previously paid participants with a mechanism other than prepaid, were with a different prepaid program manager, or you’re a current client switching from one product to another, we're here for you. Leverage our expertise in program development and take advantage of our collaborative sales and services approach to help your organization and program participants navigate change successfully.

Not only this new season, but always, we want you to achieve the highest levels of success with our products and technology. Let’s take the first step.

#1. Communicate change. Do so comprehensively, and often.

Clear communication is the fastest, most reliable way to ensure a smooth program launch.

At daVinci, we help you consider your transition holistically. Who are the stakeholders affected by your move? To what degree will they need updates on components that are changing, and what, exactly, are those components?

Precise, clear communication will inform your end clients, internal teams and cardholders about changes, and ready them for what’s next. Make sure all parties are informed on areas such as:

  • How and when the program participant is notified of their reward
  • How rewards are accessed and spent
  • Any new features available to cardholders

No matter your program transition, we’ll help you highlight the benefits of a switch to all parties, supply user guides, positioning papers and training, and support your organization in operationalizing changes.  

#2. Upgrade all product collateral and program elements.

Satisfied customers, rewarded employees, incentivized channel members—program collateral tells the story, from action to payment, of why you value them, and how. Every touchpoint with your participants is also an opportunity to educate and set expectations on new program features or changes.

daVinci’s mission is to create an invaluable extension of your brand and help you tie reward to action. By leveraging our custom templates for email, web portal and card personalization, you can not only amplify your brand voice but also take advantage of cardholder communication and product positioning developed out of years of running thousands of prepaid programs. We’ve seen what works, and want to share it with you so that we can move your cardholders successfully through change.  

During your transition, daVinci will provide collateral design support and review services, product descriptions, FAQs, instructional videos and terms and conditions for your updates to cardholder-facing catalogs and portals. Most program managers will work with you to ensure that any mention of a prepaid card is compliant. At daVinci, we want to go beyond compliance and help you optimize every touchpoint with your participants so that their payment journey is as seamless as possible.

#3. Train customer service.

No matter how prepared you are, change will result in questions. daVinci excels at preparing for the entirely normal and expected urgencies that arise whenever change is introduced into a system.

We know that competent, caring customer service representatives are the vanguard of cardholder satisfaction. For this reason, daVinci’s CSRs complete rigorous onboarding and ongoing training. Our CSRs, supported by custom call center technology, have direct visibility into the particulars of your program, including the payment products and providers that came before. With this visibility, our CSRs are especially equipped to support and educate your cardholders through periods of change.

We provide support to you and your customer service team via WebEx training sessions, in-depth user guides and customer service admin tools, so you too can accomplish one-contact resolutions.

Now you are ready to lead!

Clear communication. Maximized collateral. Crisp customer service. These three steps are the core of a smooth program transition.

Still feeling shaky? That’s okay—at daVinci, we’re your true partner: you’re not going it alone, and we won’t be satisfied until your program blossoms.