A Better Digital Wallet. A Better Digital Experience.

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With the growth and popularity of mobile-friendly digital products, the need for fast, comprehensive and secure payment solutions has increased rapidly. Our industry has evolved to meet this need, and daVinci is on the forefront of this prepaid evolution-revolution.

Prepaid rewards become simple, instant and easy to use when clients use daVinci’s digital products. The real-time distribution of a payment means you can more closely marry a payment to a specific action. Clients can offer the choice between a virtual or physical card, and every product is backed with best-in-class global customer care. Virtual card recipients can spend their funds online, instantly. Meanwhile, we provide our clients numerous branding and messaging opportunities, program oversight, insight and tools, and a scalable global reward mechanism that meets and exceeds the expectations of their audience.

One-Click is Quick

One of the best advantages of our digital products is the immediate coupling of an action with its reward, which can lead to more loyal customers, more grateful employees, and enthusiastic prospects. daVinci’s One-Click option enhances that immediacy.

With One-Click recipients access their payments without the hassle of logging in or registering. They simply click on a secure, encrypted link and instantly access their funds. It’s the ideal experience for your one-time reward recipients, or those who receive rewards only a few times per year.

One-Click is easy to use and quick to access, but it doesn’t include threshold-based product features or bank for later options. Those options, which can be highly beneficial for frequent reward-earners, along with the ability to store all cards in one place, are engrained in our Digital Wallet.

The Digital Wallet Unfolds Opportunities

For more frequent reward-earners, our Digital Wallet provides a host of benefits. The recipient chooses a username and password which generates a profile used to securely store all virtual and physical card details in one convenient location. Cardholders can view their transaction history, check balances, retrieve PINs, and take advantage of endless account self-service features, all under one roof.

The Digital Wallet is also equipped with daVinci's powerful threshold-based features which can be used to drive recipient behavior. For example, clients can enable W9 tax form capture, which automatically prompts recipients to complete and submit a W9 tax form once they receive payments that surpass the taxable threshold, all within the wallet. Or, the bank for later option allows recipients to store multiple small payments within their wallet profile, then combine them into one, larger value physical or virtual card later.

A Digital Wallet Bursting With Advantages

Our Digital Wallet is undergoing a complete facelift this year, with exciting changes that are more than just skin deep.

With nearly 50% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, we’re redeveloping our Digital Wallet using MVC (Model View Controller). This approach optimizes the Digital Wallet experience on a mobile device, tablet, desktop and any screen size in between. Site users will immediately appreciate a cleaner, more modern design, both from an aesthetic and navigation perspective, ensuring that the features most important to your recipients are simple and user-friendly. The new look will continue to support your branding and messaging needs, as well as custom URLs.

Updates to the website architecture behind the scenes will help your programs scale globally. The upcoming enhancements will allow for broader and faster language translation as well as more robust address validation logic across multiple countries.

All of these exciting updates are laying the groundwork for one of daVinci’s most impactful program enhancements to date: offering the One-Click experience and the Digital Wallet in one streamlined, cohesive site, prepaiddigitalsolutions.com. In the future, this upgraded platform’s capabilities will allow for more simple, efficient and effective program management, accessible on any device or computer.

At daVinci, we continue to be enthusiastic about the future of prepaid and its expansion to digital frontiers. We’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of prepaid on behalf of our clients.