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Ordering Made Better, in Bulk, Batch or Both

At daVinci, we are continually working to bring you the best possible client experience, which includes making your back office processes easier and more efficient whenever we can. daVinci offers multiple options for placing prepaid card orders—you can order in bulk, batch, via API or in some cases, a combination of all three. In the third quarter of 2016, we will be rolling out enhancements to the Classic Card batch and bulk ordering process, making placing orders for physical prepaid cards faster, more efficient and more flexible.

These improvements extend to the entire Classic product set, whether you choose Classic Single or Classic Reloadable cards, funded or unfunded cards or shipment directly to end recipients versus a single location for distribution. The project addresses the fact that our clients’ orders are generated from a variety of sources, each in a unique format. Orders come to us out of EDI-based systems, custom platforms, and are sometimes even manually built.

Today, our clients comply with what most program managers, including daVinci, require: they translate their outputs into our standard format before submission. Or, they log into OMSI and key in the order request to generate a bulk order. At daVinci, we’ve decided it’s time for something more.

Better Bulk Ordering

With system-generated bulk ordering, clients use OMSI to request cards, as long as those cards share common characteristics such as the same printed name, the same shipping location, the same value, etc. Our new bulk ordering process for Classic Cards will feature these exciting enhancements:

  • More flexible order fields

daVinci can create order fields with either fixed or variable values, and these can span any data such as card first and last names, values, shipping addresses and even personalized messages or the printed card 4th line. This allows you to make changes as needed when ordering, but keeps static those fields where change is never required.

  • New data entry safeguards

New field checks and error notifications will be added with the addition of these flexible fields to ensure that all length and character requirements are met. For example, if you would like your team members placing orders to be able to request variable values, we can ensure those requests fall within a defined range. This reduces the possibility of error when employees place orders.

  • Real time ordering

The safeguards ensuring accurate order data are essential because we can now enable your card products for real time ordering. This means that once the order request passes the enhanced ordering and funding checks, a real-time process will move your order directly to our processor and fulfillment house. Orders can be placed at any time, including weekends and evenings, ultimately arriving in hand even more quickly than today.

  • Single or multiple location shipping options

Currently, clients must contact daVinci for shipping location changes or additions. With the new process, bulk shipping information can be made a variable field. This is particularly helpful for clients who ship to and frequently add new locations.

Better Batch Ordering

Batch orders are placed by uploading an Excel file to daVinci. These improvements will streamline the Classic Card batch ordering process:

  • Fast, advanced mapping

On-boarding new clients and programs has never been faster or easier. Our new file mapper means that clients can provide their current file format to their daVinci Service Team. The team will then map that format to daVinci’s standard format, and clients can begin placing orders almost immediately! We can help you get programs running quickly by accepting your current file, and save your valuable IT resources from programing to our format.

  • Incorporate and report on unique fields

Our new forms support additional fields to hold and return data important to your business. Fields can be added to support specific client requirements, such as customer P.O. numbers for our clients’ internal reporting and reconciliation. Additional reporting options will be developed to report on issuance activity, unique data fields included.

  • Quantity flexibility

Today when clients order multiple cards with the same characteristics, the file format requires a record per card. The enhanced format will allow clients to pass a field indicating quantity, which will be a great benefit to clients translating quantities into multiple records to meet current requirements.

daVinci continues to raise the bar for exceptional service, and we’re excited to see our clients take advantage of these enhancements because a more efficient order process allows you to invest time in other areas essential to your business. When these improvements become available later this year, your Service Team can thoroughly explain them, and help you create settings best suited to your needs.