daVinci Offers On-demand Print Technology.

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daVinci Payments Solutions is pleased to offer on-demand printing of Visa-branded cards with the use of a fully digital manufacturing process.  daVinci is excited to share the benefits of this new process with clients.

The process allows daVinci to digitally compose and produce cards on demand, eliminating the need to pre-purchase and store large quantities of inventory.  As a result, daVinci can offer considerable cost savings to clients in the form of a greatly simplified inventory and expiration date management process.  Energy previously spent on inventory management can now be directed toward a client’s core business.

As in the past, daVinci offers complete card design flexibility through the digital process.  daVinci clients will continue to enjoy limitless card design and branding options, as well as the choice of polished, stand-out packaging in the form of carriers and inserts.

Cards are delivered to recipients in the same timely manner to which daVinci clients are accustomed.  The digital technology combines all steps of the card production process into a single, efficient operation.

President and CEO Braven Imai states, “As daVinci continues to revolutionize the prepaid card industry by providing unique, technology-based solutions to our clients, it’s essential to introduce manufacturing methods to support the success of our programs.”