daVinci’s Core Values Strengthen Your Business

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daVinci is more than our innovative products, platforms and solutions. We’re also a rapidly growing fintech company made up of individuals devoted to making daVinci a constant disruptor in corporate-funded payments. We’re strong together for the things we share—vision, mission, goals and more—as well as our individual skills, passion and expertise.

If our vision and mission are guideposts and our goals detail what we plan to accomplish, our four core values:

  • Guide our interactions among all stakeholders,
  • Shape our daily decisions and strategic plans, and
  • Inspire how we tackle the challenges we face every day.

As we highlight each of our core values below, you’ll get a better understanding of the guiding principles our teams use as they drive product innovation, provide support to clients and deliver white-glove customer care. We want to show you how our core values benefit your business, end clients and program participants.

Core Value 1: Obsessed with Context

daVinci is a respite from a world plagued by fake news, alternative facts and snap judgments. That has everything to do with our #1 core value (on this list and in our hearts): Obsessed with Context. At daVinci, we understand that nothing exists in a vacuum. Before jumping to solutioning or decision-making, we first understand how a particular project, nugget of client feedback or participant concern fits into the bigger, more complex picture.

Understanding interconnectedness and appreciating that every action has a consequence has been integral to daVinci’s success. It gives us a leg up over the competition because it allows individuals and teams to efficiently make decisions that are in the best interest of all parties (including your company) and not just daVinci itself or the most vocal stakeholder.

Core Value 2: Powered by Passion

We are very passionate! As a company, that passion is largely focused on being a constant disruptor in corporate-funded payments. Beyond that we aren’t all passionate about the same things—and that’s a good thing. Some of us care deeply about participant experience, some of us love data and analysis and many of us get jazzed by delivering the best possible solution for a specific use case.

Our passion means that our people put great care into their work. Our passion means that, no matter a team member’s role, he or she can improve the company and own the outcomes of decisions.

You’ll see the teams’ passion and ownership mentality revealing itself in big and small ways during your interactions with daVinci:

  • It’s in the barrier breaking projects undertaken by our Partner Operations team to bring new currencies and payment functionality to your programs and participants.
  • It’s in the extra time Account Managers spend preparing for a strategic meeting or status call.
  • It’s in the agile development approach of our Product Team to meet both the needs of today’s businesses and the desires of their participants.  
  • It’s in the dedication of our Customer Service team as they handle calls and emails with empathy, intelligence and grace.

These are just a few examples of the many ways our individuals and teams inspire others to do their best work every day.

Core Value 3: Driven by a Growth Mindset

As a company, daVinci has never been one to sit back and bask in the glory of past successes. Over the last decade, we’ve introduced several real-time payment concepts all while expanding our global reach and influence. Capitalizing on innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies, we demonstrate the power of immediate, personalized payments to drive behavior and create lift. As such, we’ve been recognized as the first in the industry to:

  • Develop virtual card and digital distribution solutions.
  • Transition to 100% print-on-demand production of physical cards.
  • Introduce a cardholder digital wallet.
  • Overlay the payments platform with our Digital Accelerators™ product suite (more on this in the next ASAP).

daVinci didn’t become an industry disruptor by avoiding mistakes and calculated risks. Instead, we have capitalized on unexpected outcomes by embracing the valuable lessons they deliver. We share these experiences with our peers and with you so that we collectively grow. Embracing these lessons, along with feedback that makes us better and stronger, is the heart of our growth mindset.

Core Value 4: Strong in Community

Every two months, the daVinci team gathers in the largest training room in our headquarters to share cutting-edge ideas and powerful lessons learned, celebrate successes and discuss our collective future. In these lively All Hands meetings, the strength in our community is palpable, but our community extends far beyond meetings and celebrations. It’s evident in the way we openly share knowledge and information with each other. It’s clear in the way we embrace individual difference within teams to produce excellent results. It's why we expect one another to be accountable and personally responsible.

The daVinci community isn’t limited to the coworking realm. We extend much of the same care, support and education to our strategic partners and end clients as well as their program participants. We push ourselves to reach deep into your business, see your perspective and build an understanding of what's most important to you.

We’d Love to Hear from You

As part of our growth mindset, we embrace feedback. We believe that all comments—both the good and the bad—help drive innovation and growth. So, next time you’re on a call with a member of our team or respond to a client survey, please take a minute to tell us how we are doing and what we can do better to serve you, your clients and your program participants.