Digital Choice Plus—satisfying The Many, Few & You

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Introducing Digital Choice PLUS—One Program That’s Digital, Physical, Single and Reloadable, For Low-Earners, High-Earners and You.

Do you manage a program with many low-earning participants sprinkled with a small, select group of high-frequency or high-dollar earners? You probably feel compelled to offer everyone a Classic Reloadable Card to please a select few. Even daVinci’s Digital Choice product, which gives users the ability to choose a virtual or physical single load card, is optimal for the majority of users, but not feasible for this small group of high-earners. Or perhaps you offer our Digital Load product, where every participant receives a Ready2Load reloadable card and electronically loads the card themself. It’s ideal for your top echelon, but overall more expensive to execute and cumbersome for participants with infrequent payments who have “lost” their reloadable card.
As part of our constant drive for innovation, we’ve created a new, hybrid option that satisfies all stakeholders with one program—Digital Choice PLUS. It lets you provide the majority of end-users with their choice of a physical or digital single load card, as well as the ability to bank smaller amounts into one larger payout. At the same time, you can give your high-frequency or high-dollar earners a reloadable option when they reach a threshold you set.

Everyone Wins With Digital Choice PLUS

As with any Digital Choice program, all end-users get their choice of a single load virtual or physical card every time they earn. But now with Digital Choice PLUS, your elite end-users or high-earners will also get an option to request a reloadable physical card, along with the ability to digitally reload any virtual or physical card they previously earned. It’s the perfect way to keep your top earners happy and engaged, and significantly less costly than implementing a Classic Reloadable program or converting to a Digital Load only program.

Total Control and Visibility

You set thresholds that allow participants to receive the Digital Load option alongside the Digital Choice options. They can be based on the number or value of payments earned, measured by cumulative or calendar year program earnings.

In addition to threshold-setting flexibility, you can even override thresholds at an individual payment level, or for select groups or individuals, at the beginning or at any time during the program. These participants receive the Digital Load option even though they haven’t met the established threshold, while all others only see the Digital Choice option until they reach the threshold. You may elect to do this for established and known top earners at the onset of a program, or through the distribution of a one-time payment override. For example, you might want to give all participants a $50 Digital Load for the holidays, or for a unique circumstance or emergency when an instant payment is required.

Like all daVinci products, we give you measurable insight into your programs. We track and report on all of your Digital Choice PLUS issuances and provide you with detailed reporting to balance and reconcile daily and monthly. This means you’ll spend less time tracking users and programs and more time creating results.

Our goal is to give you and your stakeholders the best choices and options, higher margin products and more control, to drive maximum satisfaction and engagement. With Digital Choice PLUS, you have the ability to balance cost with choice, instead of implementing the most costly product option to satisfy the needs of a few.

If you have an elite group of high-frequency or high-dollar earners, ask your daVinci Account Manager or Sales Representative if Digital Choice PLUS can create lift for your business.