Digital Wallet Enhancements Pave the Way for Digital Accelerators

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“The customer is always right” remains the guiding light of many successful entrepreneurs, at once a byword of quality assurance and a promise of consumer satisfaction.

Coined in 1909 by Harry Gordon Selfridge (namesake of the famous London department store), during a time of seismic innovation in the retail experience, his insistence that shopping should give us pleasure continues to inform the way companies treat their most important asset: you.

More than 100 years later, the customer remains right, including at daVinci. It is this ideal that led to the launch of our newly designed digital payment portal. Driven by feedback from our clients—and following best practices—the facelift allows us to better meet their needs, while improving the payment journey for end users. Above all, the new design aims to be a more common-sense, more pleasant experience for everyone.

Key enhancements include:

1. A new, modern look that continues to support customized branding and messaging.

2. Improved site navigation with updated buttons and links.

3. Increased clarity around product choices, delivery times, confirmations, FAQs and more.

4. Additional, dedicated user testing built into our launch process and future upgrades.

Innovation that Fuels the Future

As we celebrate these wins today, we continue apace with our future ambitions. The updates to our digital platform pave the way for an exciting new feature that will truly unlock the power of the payment—daVinci’s Digital Accelerators™ product suite. Overlaying the payment platform, these new solutions transform transactional payments into powerful tools for engagement that allow our clients to:

Enrich Communication

Increase engagement with your brand through our custom content hub. Share thought leadership, promotions, education, videos, announcements, product information, news and other valuable content.

Enhance Relationships

Enable a two-way communication channel between brand and participant. Collect data, deliver targeted promotions and facilitate easy, value-added actions.

Increase Revenue and ROI

Complement, extend and maximize your marketing efforts through offers delivered via SMS text messages.

We’ve long stopped thinking about the payment as the very end of a participant’s journey. Our products and services treat the payment as the intersection of new beginnings, new rewards and new opportunities. We’re working hand in hand with marketers to view the payment as the key to unlocking new value by transforming it into a targeting and remarketing tool, to continue and deepen the relationship between you and your audience.

Ready to embark on a new era of payment technology? Contact us today.