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Hold the phone: How daVinci is changing customer service

Let’s face it. We’ve all experienced those dreaded customer service phone calls, especially with your local wireless or cable provider. You hate those calls, and for good reason. You know you’ll be on hold for seemingly forever, and be asked the same questions three times, by two different people and a recording that ultimately disconnects you.

At daVinci, we do things differently. Better. We’ve always prided ourselves on our responsiveness, our system’s ease of use, and our dedication to clients and cardholders. And now we’re taking these advantages to another level with a new automated Customer Service Tool. Our new CS-CRM platform delivers productivity and accuracy with faster, more efficient resources for our customer service team, which translates to unparalleled customer service for cardholders.

Operators are standing by, with more efficiency

With our new system, when a cardholder sends a “contact us” request through our web portal, or calls in to our automated IVR system, their message will go directly through our intelligent system tied to multiple CRM databases and provide the representative almost instantaneously with:

  • Caller ID
  • Name, address, card info, balance, status and other basic information
  • Program information with special instructions, referral numbers, exception handling, card status (active or activation required with validation criteria) and more
  • Digital reward (“promo code”) information (if relevant)
  • Notes and history of past calls

Which means we might know why someone is calling, before we even say, “Hello.”

Imagine a cardholder hearing: “Thank you for calling daVinci. I see you may be calling about ____,” before he or she even says a word.

Making good service even better

With our current phone system, callers are asked by the live agent to provide their card number, the reason why they are calling, and a myriad of other details. The representative answering the call is responsible for finding and extracting various information. But the efficiency of our new cardholder support system can make answer-finding nearly instantaneous, regardless of the question or concern—even inquiries that go beyond the average scope.

Many prepaid providers won’t even try to deal with questions outside their sometimes narrowly defined parameters. Often, their customer service is outsourced to processing centers with limited information available or information only about the card account. But at daVinci, we know every call is vital and a reflection on our clients. We know that understanding the nuances of your program is paramount. Customers want solutions. It is our responsibility to provide them, with an internal one-call or one email resolution. That’s why our new tool is such a revelation.

Please do not hold: daVinci’s latest tech will assist you now

You already know the importance of organizing, automating and synchronizing your sales, marketing, customer service and technical support. Our new customer service tool relies on CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) to marry web portal, user information and customer interaction databases to create a fast, seamless system for representatives to assist cardholders—efficiently and quickly. It’s Customer Resource Management (CRM) at its finest.

Our tool goes beyond the expected. It not only displays all card and program-related information, but also tracks which representatives assisted which customers, along with a history of all cardholder contacts. That includes email chains, so cardholder problems can be solved, tracked and updated accurately and thoroughly. Forget about cardholder frustration stemming from lost message strings or operators unable to access case histories. Every operator has all the information that he or she needs to find a solution.

Our new tool will launch in January. We are excited for its potential, and the improvements it will make toward the cardholder experience.

We believe our new tool will make our service—the best Customer Service in the industry—even better.