Getting Focused—introducing Our Implementation Squad

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How Our Expertise Ensures Your Success

The prepaid industry is evolving rapidly. At daVinci, we are too—with innovative technologies, cutting-edge prepaid products, and new ways to ensure your programs launch optimally— and succeed continuously. Driven by a dedication to personal and consultative service, daVinci constantly explores new ways to make our clients more successful … ways to drive customer behavior … ways to make programs more efficient and easier to use … ways to meet demands and exceed expectations. Recently, this dedication prompted us to evaluate our organizational structure and how it can meet the needs of our clients as daVinci grows.

We’re excited to announce a dramatic restructuring that allows our teams to operate at an even deeper level of focus and expertise, while continuing to deliver the next generation of products and tools.

Implementing Success.

The Implementation Squad is a powerful new force within daVinci. Focused solely on implementing programs for new and existing clients, the expertise of the Implementation Squad ensures our clients’ programs are optimized for success.

The Implementation Squad will facilitate all aspects of setup, training and testing before a program goes live. Our Directors of Implementation will collaborate with our clients to define success, ensure that success can be measured, and execute on the best methods to achieve client objectives. As we continue to develop our product set, the Implementation Squad will work with clients to understand how daVinci products can be leveraged for maximum effectiveness.

In order achieve all of this, we knew we needed a specialized team to focus on gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, needs and goals.

Specifically, our Implementation Squad will work with clients to:

  • Understand the business, current pain points and future goals
  • Set measurable KPIs, and ensure mechanisms are in place for monitoring
  • Create or review compliant program collateral, including custom cards, letters and emails
  • Facilitate the setup of the bank, processor and fulfillment components of the program
  • Work with the client’s IT team to integrate daVinci interfaces and tools
  • Establish funding instructions, reporting packages and invoicing
  • Set up and train daVinci in-house customer care or client customer care teams
  • Create and coordinate integrated ordering options including API consultation
  • And much more

Increased Bandwidth. Increased Account Team Effectiveness.

Once the implementation process is complete, the program will be seamlessly transitioned to the care of our Account Management Team. Led by our Director of Account Management, this team is responsible for all daily operations, ongoing training and education on the prepaid industry and daVinci products and tools, as well as the growth of client relationships through maximizing program performance.

To maximize program performance, the team will be taking an even deeper dive into data, focusing attention on in-depth analysis of the program and monitoring metrics and trends. Behind the scenes or in collaboration with our clients, the team will turn analysis into action in the form of operational updates, additional training, providing new tools to clients or cardholders and more. They may even recommend a new daVinci product and transition plan to help clients grow their margins, make cardholders happier, etc.

In short, the Account Management Team is responsible for:

  • Optimized daily operations
  • Research and troubleshooting to solve issues or address opportunities
  • Cultivating a partnership-oriented daVinci-client relationship
  • In-depth and actionable program performance analysis to drive success

daVinci’s reorganization included the addition of resources in our Product Development and Vendor Management Departments as well. All departments, together with daVinci’s Implementation Squad and Account Management Team, are operating at an even deeper level of expertise in their domains, and from a more robust understanding of our clients’ programs and businesses as we grow. Our teams will continue to set our clients up for success and drive that success continuously—from implementation to today … and beyond.