Introducing Digital Instant Issue

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Instant Issue for Digital is Here, and it’s Big

Another breakthrough innovation in prepaid has arrived—the daVinci Payments Digital Portal. If you’re a daVinci client or partner, you can now provide real-time distribution, funding and activation for our entire suite of digital products on a global scale—instantly, securely and without the need to write any API code.

This easy-to-implement, real-time platform opens a new realm of possibilities. Recipients gain exceptional convenience; while you increase efficiency, drive better results, and reduce program costs. Plus, you’ll get detailed insights into issuance transactions and results, with total control and security.

“Check Your Smartphone”

Imagine saying to an individual or a group, at the moment you want to pay, “Check your smartphone for your payment.” These recipients can be physically present or they can be anywhere in the world. You can instantly issue a virtual Digital Classic card, give them the choice between a virtual or physical card (Digital Choice), issue reloadable Digital cards (Digital Choice Plus), or instantly reload a physical or virtual card they already possess (Digital Load). And you can do all of this while reinforcing your brand through customizable, mobile-friendly HTML communications.

Fast, Easy and Secure

The new prepaid digital portal brings you instant issuance for the entire Digital product suite—matching the capability already available for our Classic cards product suite through our OMSI platform. Through the new portal, you can determine your own custom settings including users, permissions, controls, limits and reports. Individual payments can be easily initiated via the portal. Large groups can even be pre-assigned and queued, and then any members of that group who did not earn the payment can be easily removed before sending the instant Digital payment.

Tremendous Control

Made a payment mistake? Does a customer have a question? Need to reconcile and balance your books? daVinci makes it easy. You can undo actions, re-send communications and view outstanding issuances. With daVinci’s powerful reporting tools, combined with unmatched cardholder support services, you’ll have the meaningful data and information you need to manage your program more efficiently, and to reach your goals more effectively.

By bringing instant issue together with our advanced Digital product suite, we’re helping our customers create lift by tying rewards to action with even less lag. The tool also enables fast setup of new programs so you can take advantage of opportunities when they arise, and it provides a new level of flexibility to meet the specific needs of your program. It’s yet another innovation driven by our deep commitment to helping our platform providers and customers win and keep business in a rapidly evolving competitive marketplace.

The new portal is located at