New Names, Proven Solutions

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Our New Product Guide: Making Your Success Easier

Words matter. That’s why we’ve re-examined the naming structure of our prepaid products—to better reflect their value and benefits. Our solutions have long driven revenue, increased efficiency and transcended global boundaries. With our new nomenclature, we’ve re-designed how we present those solutions, to ensure you can better find the options that elevate your business worldwide. But those names are meant to just be a starting point. As always, we’ll work closely with you to find the products and features that produce the best results.

We’re always working hard to refine, expand and improve our solutions to make them more effective. Now you’ll find all your options in our new product guide (available upon request). It’s a comprehensive overview of our most frequently used products, grouped into three main product categories: Digital Solutions, Classic Solutions and Ready2Solutions.

Digital Solutions

Soon, digital cards  will dominate the prepaid industry. That’s why we’ve placed an emphasis and resources on developing this product that we’ve named Digital Solutions (formerly known as  “Promocodes”). Digital Solutions are convenient for end-users and are good for your bottom line too. They save you money by reducing physical distribution costs because they’re distributed electronically via email communication—great for your tech savvy and mobile audiences. You also have the option to turn on our Digital Wallet, a feature that allows participants to bank their digital codes to redeem for higher rewards and to view all of their payments in one interface.

Digital Solutions are ideal for programs that require real-time and global distribution. We offer four types of digital solutions—Digital Classic, Digital Load, Digital Choice and Digital Choice Plus options.

  • Digital Classic: Our standard virtual card, with payment distributed, tracked and spent completely online or over the phone.
  • Digital Load: Paired with our Ready2Load cards, we send out emails with branding and communication that allows the cardholder to electronically load or reload their card upon completion of a specific goal or action.
  • Digital Choice: This option gives the end-user a choice—they can receive a virtual card immediately, or a physical card is manufactured and mailed directly to them in about a week.
  • Digital Choice Plus: The ultimate in flexibility. Not only does the end-user have a choice between virtual or physical, but a digital load option is added to the mix based on a threshold that you set. This gives high or frequent earners the ability to reload any card they have in their possession, and to request a two-year reloadable card for future digital load payments.

Our digital products  come with our Digital Wallet feature which requires registration, or our simple One-Click option. One-Click allows participants to redeem their rewards without registration in “one-click” and without a daVinci wallet providing a seamless transition from your portal to ours.

Classic Solutions

These are our traditional prepaid options, and are available as Classic Single, Classic Reloadable and Classic Directed cards. Each choice strengthens your brand every time a card is used and is as good as cash—secure, flexible, ATM-enabled and accepted nearly everywhere.

  • Classic Single: Our traditional physical card. It’s the ideal choice for a one-time payment or incentive to pre-selected individuals.
  • Classic Reloadable: These cards are electronically loaded whenever a user earns a new reward, making them perfect for frequent reward recipients.
  • Classic Directed: These cards can be used with a select number of merchants so you can direct customer spending to best fit your business goals. A great example is our SpendClique product, which offers different cards limited for Play, Dining or Shopping.

A subset of Classic Directed is our new Experiential Rewards product, where the end-user receives an experience—such as movie tickets, dinner or a free pizza—rather than a specified dollar amount.

Ready2 Solutions

Using our traditional OMSI platform, our Ready2 Solutions combine physical cards with electronic funding and activation by our clients or the cardholder. This solution set allows you to provide funds instantly to anyone, effectively closing the gap between action and reward/payment. We send you or cardholders cards that are inactive and unfunded, and you or the cardholder can immediately load them on demand. We offer both Ready2Fund and Ready2Load cards depending on who is loading the cards.

  • Ready2Fund: Using OMSI, our clients fund the cards individually or in bulk. These are perfect for instantly issuing rewards or payments on the spot, adding user permissions for employees to gain additional security and program oversight.
  • Ready2Load: These cards are loaded by the cardholder, saving your staff the time, energy and training needed to fund cards themselves. They are available as single-load or reloadable cards. This product is paired with our Digital Load option.

Great Rewards Made Easier For Everyone

As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, flexibility and access, we hope our new product names will help you more easily understand your prepaid product options. We’re excited to help you fashion a program that best aligns with your needs, goals and budget, while delivering convenient rewards and payments to your cardholders. To learn more and view the full product guide, email your service team today.