The Next Generation Of Digital Load—enhanced Experience For Users And Optimized Operations For You

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At daVinci, we continuously elevate our cutting-edge prepaid products and technology to help our clients win. To that end, we’ve recently enhanced our Digital Load product to help take your prepaid incentive and disbursement programs to the next level.

Digital Load Lift

New to Digital Load? You may be familiar with the classic reloadable approach. In classic programs, every participant receives a reloadable card in the mail based on the address you have on file for them. Then, as a participant qualifies for a reward, you track the activity and send daVinci a reload file or an API call to complete the reload, directly to the card. Classic reloadable programs typically face a higher count of undelivered cards due to old addresses, and participants are often unaware of the status of their reload.

daVinci’s Digital Load product addresses the primary challenges of classic programs. With this unique digital solution, clients pass daVinci an order for a reloadable card, track the activity and then send daVinci an order for a digital load. A branded email is instantly sent to notify the participant that they have been paid, along with any variable messaging, and the participant clicks to load their card.

Enhanced Digital Load: Better Experiences for You and Your Customers

Now, Digital Load is easier to manage with new batch and API ordering capabilities and proactive communication backed by My Digital Wallet, a flexible, responsive platform packed with customizable branding and messaging opportunities.

Take a closer look at how our new Digital Load delivers an enhanced experience throughout the entire payment cycle, for both our clients and their customers.

daVinci-Powered File Splitting

Simply send us a single batch order or an API with a unique participant identifier, and our system automatically determines whether a recipient is a new reward earner or a repeat one. Previously, our clients had to send separate files for each type of participant. But now, our platform recognizes if the recipient needs a new card, or if they already have a card and just need to reload. This simplifies and streamlines operations for our clients.

Proactive Address Confirmation

When a Digital Load is delivered via email, we now ask recipients to review and confirm their address before a card is sent to prevent physical cards from being mailed to incorrect or incomplete addresses. If participants need to make changes, they can easily update or add information and take advantage of daVinci's address formatting and validation, especially handy for global programs.

Proactive Shipping Notification

When participants select a reloadable card for the first time or opt for a replacement card, a confirmation page provides details about the physical reloadable card that will be sent and when they can expect to receive it. We keep them informed every step of the way, and send a shipping notification the day the card is mailed.

An Elevated User Experience

Your Digital Load cardholders will interact with our streamlined and intuitive platform where they can check balances, store and view card details, review transaction history and take advantage of helpful self-service features. The optimized user experience seamlessly delivers all this functionality, along with opportunities for your unique branding and messaging, to mobile devices, tablets, desktops and any screen size in between.

Self-Service Card Replacement

People often lose or misplace their cards with longer expiration dates, so we’ve taken the headache out of card replacement. Cardholders can easily request a replacement card themselves with a click of their mouse. They simply confirm or edit the address, and a new card will be on the way.

Ready to Win with Digital Load?

To learn more about the next generation of Digital Load, and how it can bring unprecedented convenience, power and value to your business, contact your daVinci Account Manager.