The Secret Superstars Of Prepaid

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Our Vendor Team and Partners: The Stars Behind The Spotlight

You sit in the theatre as the lights dim, popcorn bucket snug in your lap. The opening notes of the film’s score crescendo, whisking you into another world. When you see an excellent film, often it’s not until the Academy Awards, months later, that you realize how many people were involved in your movie-going experience, from the composer to the sound mixer to the special effects team. Each contributor, often unheralded and unnoticed, is vital to the picture’s success.

In the same way, behind-the-scenes stars are vital to the success of your prepaid program, and this month we want to highlight daVinci’s Vendor Team as one of those stars. You likely won’t notice their involvement, which is a testament to their performance, but daVinci’s Vendor Team is integral to your program in a variety of ways.

Foremost, the Vendor Team is responsible for daVinci’s vendor relationships. The team nurtures and grows both new and long-standing relationships, aligns our vendors with daVinci’s strategic goals and brings the capabilities of those vendors together to implement programs on behalf of our clients.

At daVinci, we partner with only the best. Although we don’t have an Academy Award to bestow on them, our partners are well aware of our appreciation and gratitude. At a high level, the contributors working together behind the scenes are…

  • Bank Issuers. Our bank issuers stand behind us as we provide funds across the globe, in multiple currencies. Our issuers insure the funds and assume liability. They provide guidance and expertise in the areas of marketing, compliance and regulatory changes, as we offer you the advantage of multi-currency prepaid issuance.
  • Processors. Our processors generate card accounts, authorize transactions and perform all the intricate blocking and tackling involved in payment processing. Our processors provide us API functionality, supporting our real-time capabilities and product sets.
  • Card Fulfillment Houses. Our card manufacturing and personalization process is 100% print-on-demand. This means no stock minimums or issues associated with inventory, and the ability to quickly and flexibly support multiple designs to reinforce your brand.

daVinci’s Vendor Team brings together these parties, including the Association (Visa®, MasterCard®, etc.), all of whom are instrumental in delivering seamless programs to our clients.  Many, many hours are spent collaborating with our vendors so that we can ultimately leverage their capabilities for your success.

How Our Clients Benefit

A client checks a report. A cardholder checks a balance. These common actions are routine and immediate; yet the behind-the-scenes functions that support them are anything but.  

Once we engage with a client, our Vendor Team performs heavy lifting, implementing programs quickly and correctly. They perform extensive testing of all program components, from ensuring card functionality, such as ATM and merchant compatibility, to the card artwork proofing.

Meanwhile, they manage daVinci’s internal due diligence process. It takes multiple individuals, steps and databases to validate information and ensure the program is fully compliant with the applicable set of rules, regulations and marketing requirements.

daVinci’s Vendor Team has also been key in bringing together vendors to drive our unparalleled multi-currency offering. While daVinci has always been able to send USD cards around the world, we now issue in nine different currencies and counting, including the Japanese Yen, the Australian Dollar, the South African Rand and the Indian Rupee. The more in-country currencies we offer, the better the experience for participants in our clients’ global programs.

Lastly, the Vendor Team plays a huge role in testing, enhancing and implementing the API calls supporting daVinci’s real time capabilities. Our clients know they can fully API integrate when interacting with us, connecting their own platform to ours. You may not realize that daVinci also consumes APIs with our processors, which benefits our entire client base, no matter how you interact with us. For example, through our API integration, our clients’ cardholders can enjoy instant access to virtual funds and self-service their card accounts. Our clients can issue funds instantly through our platforms and pull real-time reports anytime, anywhere.

Our clients rarely get to peek behind the curtain to see how our Vendor Team creates a seamless program experience and drives daVinci’s offering forward. When you’re completely immersed in the world of a film or engrossed in an adrenaline-pumping action sequence, you don’t actively notice the great score or the exceptional editing supporting the finished product. The best behind-the-scenes stars are the ones you never know are there.